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Backed by decades of dedicated service to Medicare beneficiaries, our team recognizes that making knowledge readily accessible lies at the heart of exceptional customer care.


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At the Heppner Group, we view Medicare as an opportunity for individuals to proactively manage their health. With our extensive experience in the insurance industry, we simplify the Medicare process, turning confusion into clarity. We aim to help individuals confidently navigate their healthcare choices, ensuring they receive the care they deserve.

Together, we transform uncertainty into empowerment.


Meet our passionate team

Our insurance advisors and employees aren’t just qualified—they’re chosen for their dedication, expertise, and utmost commitment to your well-being.

Nolan Heppner, President

Nolan Heppner

Laurel Heppner, Vice President

Laurel Heppner

Vice President
Mitch Koester, Director of Operations

Mitch Koester

Director of Operations
Diane Kass, Sales Manager

Diane Kass

Licensed Insurance Agent
Joan E Kealy, Licensed Insurance Agent

Joan E Kealy

Licensed Insurance Agent
Tanya Reopelle, Licensed Insurance Agent

Tanya Reopelle

Licensed Insurance Agent
Denny Wurm, Licensed Insurance Agent

Denny Wurm

Licensed Insurance Agent
Xeena Cha, Licensed Insurance Agent

Xeena Cha

Licensed Insurance Agent

Amy Haugen

Licensed Insurance Agent
Greg Verone, Licensed Insurance Agent

Greg Verone

Licensed Insurance Agent
Shari Alvarez photo

Shari Alvarez

Customer Care Lead, Licensed Insurance Agent
Dylan Tennessen, Customer Care Specialist

Dylan Tennessen

Customer Care Specialist, Licensed Insurance Agent
Shannon Hutton, Customer Care Specialist

Shannon Hutton

Event Support
Ronnie Heppner, Customer Care Specialist

Ronnie Heppner

Marketing Coordinator
Sue Quance, Customer Care Specialist

Sue Quance

Customer Care Specialist
Raymond Heppner, Marketing Coordinator

Raymond Heppner

Event Support

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Explore a career that offers challenges, rewards, and the chance to make a meaningful impact in insurance and Medicare.

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